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Custom Gasket Manufacturing for Silicone Sheets 

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At Ilene Industries, it is our goal to offer only top notch custom gasket service and high quality products. Our gasket manufacturers are experienced, efficient, and experts in the field. We deliver ultimate satisfaction with our custom gasket service. We create the results you want! A customer of ours in the gasket industry required custom silicone sponge sheets for his gasket products.  Our knowledgeable gasket manufacturers used AMS 3195 medium density silicone to create sheets with a thickness of 9/16", a length of 36" and a width of 36”. For our process of custom gasket cutting, we used a heat platen press with a custom made mold to produce the sheets with skin on both sides. The non-standard thickness required the use of a heat platen press/shim system. After our quality control team inspected the sheets in accordance to MIL-I-45208A, we packaged them flat in crates. We delivered 95 sheets to the customer in North Carolina within 2-3 weeks of receiving their order.

This ability to cater to non-standard requirements and provide custom gasket cutting is the reason Ilene Industries stands before other competitors.

To learn more about our custom gasket cutting services, please contact Ilene Industries at (800)251-1602 or look below for more details.

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Silicone Sponge

Highlights of this Custom Molded Silicone Sponge Sheet

Product Description   These silicone sponge sheets were custom manufactured to a specific thickness for the gasket manufacturing industry.
Custom Molding Services Capabilities & Applied/Processes  
Mold Design & manufacturing
Heat Platen Press/Shim System
  • Packaged Flat on Crates for Truck Shipment
Overall Part Dimensions   Material Thickness: .5625" (9/16")
Length: 36"
Width: 36"
Material Used   Silicone Sponge
  • AMS 3195 Medium Density
Industry for Use   Gasket Manufacturing
Volume   95 Sheets
Delivery/Turnaround Time   2 to 3 Weeks
Delivery Location   North Carolina
Standards Met   Q.C. to MIL-I-45208A Compliant
Product Name   Silicone Sponge Sheets

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