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Custom Gasket Manufacturing

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Custom Gasket Manufacturing

At Ilene Industries, Inc., our experienced gasket manufacturers use a variety of methods to produce the gasket you need. Using state-of-the-art computer aided design and programming, we can fabricate your gaskets through water jet gasket cutting technology. Using a strong stream of water, our water jet gasket cutting can cut through materials cleanly and precisely without any damage.

Our gasket manufacturers also provide die cutting gaskets using our in-house tool and die shop. Our latest technology ensures a fast turn-around on all die cutting gaskets. Since we have a large variety of materials available through our short-yardage program, our gasket manufacturers have the ability to fabricate custom gasket cutting in any quantity you need. This means from as little as single parts to large quantities ranging in the millions.

If you would like to receive a detailed quote, send us an email at or fax us your print at (931)684-8735, today. 

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Custom Gaskets


Manufacturing Methods   Steel Rule Die Cut
Hand Fabrication
Water-jet Cut
Gasket Types   We custom manufacture gaskets to customer's exacting specifications
Standard Compliance Thickness   .005" - 2" thickness (any type of material)
ANSI Standard Ring and Full Face Gaskets  
  • Any gasket materials in stock can be provided
  • Standard compliance thickness of 1/8" or 1/16" or any thickness
Non-Standard Gaskets Configurations   
  • Send us your requirements: quantity, gasket dimensions, material specifications, and material thickness  
  • We build steel rule dies in-house for tolerances STD +/- .031
  • We build steel dies for exacting tolerances
  • We also waterjet cut for tight tolerances


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